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Book Review: The Hazel Wood

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I don’t know what happened to my original review- but luckily it was over on Goodreads so I’m moving it here so that I can post my review of The Night Country next week.

Self-rescuing princess for the win and not in a frilly pink princess way- but a dark goth princess that can kick butt. It was so dark and twisty and is for sure a one sitting read. I love fairy tales, and it compares to the original Grimm Tales in scariness.

Warning- this is a slow start, stick with it and go down the rabbit hole. It’s also a YA without much romance which may make it an even more significant sell as there is a market for that as well.

Alice’s grandmother wrote a series of fairy tales called the Hinterland. Alice and her Mom have kept on the move for her entire childhood and she has never met her Grandmother, read the stories or visited the estate called The Hazel Wood. But one day Alice comes home from school to find her mother missing and a passage from one of her grandmother’s stories lying in her bed. She then teams up with a fan of her grandmother’s, Finch, in the search for her mother.

I don’t want to give much away, but I don’t want to undersell this one. Let’s say this if you like YA fantasy, dark, scary stories that include murder as a fairy tale side dish then this is your Harry Potter. Read it now before it becomes famous.

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Book Review: The Bromance Book Club

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This is a twist on the classic Romance novel in that it centers on a group of Bro type dudes who also have a book club.  I loved the men’s point of view and the originality of their reading romance novels to better understand women. Parts of this book were refreshingly realistic. I’ll admit to giggling at the thought of a bunch of professional baseball players sitting around reading romance novels.

It’s a quick, fun, read that still manages to pack a punch with some real relationship issues. Reading a romance book about a married couple was refreshing. I wasn’t sure if I’d like this at all and I did.

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Book Review: How Winston Delivered Christmas

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From the publisher: When a mouse named Winston finds a lost letter addressed to Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, he sets off an unforgettable journey to personally deliver the letter to Santa! How Winston Delivered Christmas is a heart-warming story, organized in twenty-four and a half chapters, to share during the countdown to Christmas. Starting on December 1st, children can read a chapter a day, and each chapter is followed with a fun and festive holiday activity to complete. This illustrated advent story tells of the adventures of an adorable mouse and how a good deed can lead to a very happy ending. 

From me: Don’t search Pinterest for Advent activities this year. This book is the way to go. You get 24 1/2 stories all leading up to Christmas and a slew of activities to keep you busy every day. This is the kind of book that makes me wish we had little people in our house again. So much fun!