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Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey Part 2

I’ve been posting book reviews for close to a year now. First at a free WordPress site, then a paid one and now here at Squarespace (forever I hope). In that time I have gained followers and then lost and gained them back with each move. I’ve tried during that period to post a review five days a week. Last Fall I was posting daily. It’s easy for me, and it is a fun hobby. I’m reading anyway, why not tell the world about books you may not find on your own?

The thing is I’ve found that as I became completely current in the MG/YA new release schedule, I’ve been reading books because they are “new” and not because they strike me as something that I want to know or that we’ll use in our homeschool. 

This past week I’ve got five book reviews up of books that I love. As in, I want to buy them for everyone I know. Those reviews are easy and fun to write. It occurred to me that there are no blog police and I can be choosy about what I review. So, this all boils down to me saying that there may or may not be five new reviews each week, but I do promise that the ones that are here are the best of what I’ve read. I do rate and review over on Goodreads so if you are wondering what I thought of something not here that’s a good place to start. Also, many times my review is up there long before it gets posted here. Or hit me up on Twitter where I talk books, Chicago politics, and cats.

By Jenny Naughton

JENNY NAUGHTON and her husband share their 1930's era Chicago home with four sons and a daughter. A voracious reader, Jen reviews books before their release for dozens of publishers on her page: Windy City Reader. Jen also blogs (on WordPress!) about classical, mostly secular, home education at Good Enough Homeschool.
In her spare time, she runs an online book club for teens and helps other home educating family match their kids with the perfect book for them.
You can find Jen misbehaving on social media on
Twitter: @jennynau10

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