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The Goldfish Boy

This reads like a middle-grade whodunit. Matthew is our detective. The neighborhood kids have nicknamed him Goldfish Boy because he is only comfortable in two rooms of his home and spends a lot of time looking at the windows observing his neighbors. Matthew suffers from severe OCD and it is one of the plots in this story that coincide with the larger plot of finding a lost toddler. The story moves along at a quick pace and the clues really keep you guessing. Several times I thought I had it figured out and was wrong. This is not a dumbed down plot for kids, the characters all have nuances and the reader eventually gets a glimpse into all of their past histories which explain some current quirky behavior. In addition to all of that this book is laugh out loud funny.  It is an honest representation of a family dealing with OCD or any mental disorder and sometimes that is sad, but you never doubt that this family loves each other and will work things out. Even YA readers will enjoy this as it so accurate in its suburban setting where nothing is exactly what it seems. Speaking of YA, if they like this book the Tom Hanks movie The Burbs happens to be free with Amazon Prime right now.  Big thumbs up from us. I’m positive this is going to be an award winner.

We purchased this book from Amazon (with our affiliate money- thank you readers!) and read it for fun.

The Goldfish Boy

Hardcover – February 28, 2017

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