The Bookish Moms are book bloggers who do everything but actually sell you a book. We’re basically enthusiastic fangirl marketers with no training and probably no pay but definite results. If we love books, chances are you will too.

Hi, I’m Wendy from Charleston. Having always been a shy and introverted person, books have been my lifelong friends. If there is one activity I love as much as reading, it is sharing books with others.. My favorite authors are Brandon Sanderson and Charles Dickens, and, frankly, I read most everything in between. Childhood literacy is very important to me. I am the mother of five always homeschooled kids, all graduated. To me it’s a matter that kids are reading, rather than what they are reading. On that note, I understand that the enjoyment of a book is subjective, therefore I am not a literary snob. I just want everyone to read what makes them happy. I have started an insane project to read all the Pulitzer Prize winners in fiction, so you will have to indulge those reviews as well. Happy reading.

And I’m Jenn Naughton (formerly of Windy City Reader)

I’m passionate about matching readers with books. I’ve been reviewing books as a freelancer since 2016. Even when I was a kid I spent all my time and money on books. I lean towards more modern books. I love Science Fiction, Fantasy and lately even some Romance. As a judge for the Cybils Awards I read nearly 300 Middle Grade and YA books every year.
I post my reviews on Tues/ Thurs on Bookish Moms.
I’m Headmistress of The Bookish Society (online kids literature round table featuring new release MG/YA titles. Each month kids/teens receive a book in the mail, and we spend the month reading and discussing it.

Facts for Publishers:
Cybils Awards Judge since 2016 rotating between YA fiction and Nonfiction
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We are willing to review books in either a print or Kindle format. Print books will receive priority over any electronic form. (Except now during this worldwide pandemic)

Bookish Moms is also happy to conduct author interviews, participate in blog tours and other related promotional events. As with the accepted genres, this will be decided on a case-by-case basic dependent upon the suitability of the event in question for Bookish Moms.

Bookish Moms has a policy of “Integrity, not promotion” and only offers to read books sent and to provide honest and constructive reviews.

We will only publish reviews if I have positive things to say. Submitting your book does not absolutely guarantee anything in return, but we do take all books into serious consideration. Thanks so much for considering us!

I have a 90 something percent reviewer rating on both NetGalley and Edelweiss+.

We will always post a review there even if we don’t post to this page.

What People Say

“Jenny has long been my first go-to whenever I need to find a book for a birthday, a particular topic, or a certain mood. Her reviews tell me what I care about and I guess that’s why her “best of” picks are reliably actually the best picks. If she has shared a book I want to read it, period. Her kidlit blog has been terrible for my budget and if she starts a book club I will have to consider it a threat to my marriage.”

Rose Tell-Drake

“With her many years of homeschooling experience and extensive knowledge of middle-grades books, I trust Jenny to lead my child through an online bookclub experience. It’s a relief to not have to do it all myself!”

— Courtney O.

Jen’s knowledge of juvenile and young adult books is encyclopedic. I have asked her for booklists for my homeschool, both fiction and non, and I have never been disappointed by her suggestions. My first stop now, even before Googling is to ask her, since I know the books Jen recommends will be on point and worth our time. Homeschooling is much more fun with one of Jen’s lists in my pocket!

Phoebe G.